Senior Clinics

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Senior Clinic Dog

What is a senior clinic? A senior clinic is a FREE nurse clinic for dogs and cats over the age of 8 years. This service includes: Blood pressure measurement Basic urine sample testing Our nurses will also give you advice on what to look out for as your pet is getting older that may need… Read more »

Dental Clinics

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Dental Clinics Cat

What happens during a dental clinic? Our nurses will give your pet a FREE dental assessment The condition of your pet’s teeth will be checked We will advise you whether dental treatment may be recommended What information will I be given? Our nurses will advise you: How to introduce your pet to tooth brushing How… Read more »

Adolescence Clinics

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Adolescent Clinic

What is an adolescence clinic? An adolescence clinic is for puppies and kittens aged less than 1 year old. This FREE nurse clinic will provide you with advice on: Vaccinations Microchipping Neutering Parasite treatments (fleas/ticks/worms) Dietary needs and changes Socialisation Insurance Dental care and any other questions you might have about your growing pet.

Nurse Clinics

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We have a range of free of charge clinics run by our qualified veterinary nurses.** Click on the links below for more information, and contact us on 01626 367972 to book one today! Weight Clinics Dental Clinics Adolescence Clinics Senior Clinics Tick Removal **Please note that these clinics are not in place of veterinary advice,… Read more »